OT: Personal Update


First up, let me just say I finally put a new fic up: G is for George for [personal profile] fignewton's Alphabet Soup!
Go check out all the awesome fic!

Secondly, when I was posting and tagging my entry, I was shocked to find that while I had created a tag for the IOA's Dale Strom (seriously, he's as minor a character as possible), somehow I completely neglected in all this time to add tags for ANY Jaffa outside of Teal'c, Bra'tac included! How the heck did I manage that? The Tok'ra are highly underrepresented as well, but at least I did remember Jacob Carter/Selmak in that original list. The horrific injustice has been corrected.

Thirdly, I've been absent for a while but its not that Stargate has ever been too far from my mind. It is still my one true fanfic fandom, but life just kind of got in my way for a while. Its been over a year since I put anything up here (and a surprising two years since significant activity), and while I've stumbled around on some fic that's been sitting far too long, my muse has completely abandoned me for a while. I've changed jobs from a highly stressful, long-houred position to a much more creative-friendly environment, and I've started picking at my outlines and half-completed fic in the past month or so. I will hopefully get out a new installment of my Young Daniel series soon, as I've got so much of it written, and finally get the last few pieces on fanfiction.net beta'ed and updated here as well. I've also got a massive Legacy fic I really want to finish.

(edit) And fourthly, I forgot to tell ya'alls about some of the awesomeness that has also kept me from writing fic, though I hope you'll forgive me for those times.
  1. I was invited last April to speak at my Alma Mater on Model UN.

  2. I got a new job! Better Pay, Better Hours, Better Commute, Awesome Bosses!

  3. I am now a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt! (a business management certification, not Karate)

  4. I'm going to New Zealand early next year! As a total Tolkienite, it was the first place that came to mind when my parents stated that I could pick anywhere in the world for our next vacation.

  5. I'm actually going on vacation! For the past decade, I've not travelled anywhere for more than a week, and my last international visit was in 2005. I'll be going to NZ for three weeks. I've managed to still make time for my non-profit volunteering, which has been the main culprit in thwarting vacations for me.

  6. I went to Dragon*Con in 2011! I joined marzipan77, iiiionly, and a bunch of Stargate Gals in Atlanta this year for loads of geekyness, including getting pictures with SG-1 Alum Amanda Tapping, SGU's Louis Ferriera, David Blue, and Patrick Gilmore, and Sanctuary's Robin Dunne. David Nykl dropped in on the Stargate-Star Trek Charity event, and I was the only USS Hammond crew member there! I'll have to post pictures soon!

  7. 2011 was the year of cultural events: I had the chance to see Giselle by the Marinskii Ballet, Placido Domingo sing the lead in Ifgenie en Tauride, catch my first ever Opera with Madama Butterfly, Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving live in Uncle Vanya, and Joshua Bell perform on his 300 year old Strativarius for the National Symphony Orchestra Opening Gala. And of course, I can't forget the premiere for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 in July!.

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Fic: G is for George


"G is for George" is my ninth contribution to [personal profile] fignewton's Alphabet Soup Series. Written for the Bra'tac Alphabet Soup hosted on the 25th of June 2012 for Gen Fic Day. Its hard to believe its been two years since I've participated in an Alphabet Soup, but given the amount of grief my muse has given me since I signed up for this round, I can see why!

Title: G is for George
Author: [personal profile] samantilles
Rating: G
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Spoilers: SG:A's "Enemy at the Gate" and Stargate: Continuum
Category: Angst, Character Study
Warnings: Canonical Major Character Death
Word Count: 1302
Beta: Huge thanks to [personal profile] fignewton who literally beta'ed this about three hours past "last minute"

As soon as O’Neill stepped through the Chappa’ai, Bra’tac knew he was the bearer of bad news... )

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Wordle: G is for George

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